Saturday, March 5, 2011

Because...I'm Insane!

It has been a year since I moved from Tennessee to California. I thought I would type up a list of things I have done in those short 12 months, to give you insight into my insanity....also known as "my life".

February 26th, 2010: My last day at Baptist Hospital in Nashville. I didn't have another job lined up before moving. I just....quit!

March 3rd, 2010: My mom and I loaded the last of my things in my Nissan Sentra and set out on the journey of being absolutely terrified of the unknown.

March 8th, 2110: I'm in California!!!! Why am I in California?! What am I doing?!

April 2nd, 2010: I found a job. It was crap so I quit.

April 3rd, 2010; I have another job. It was crap, but I kept it until a better one came along. It was at this point, I stopped worrying and let God have full control! (As I should have in the beginning.)

May something, 2010: UCLA called for an interview. I got the job! Time to pay off some credit card debt! (Trust me...I have a lot!)

August 9th, 2010: I got a promotion at work! I needed the benefits more than I knew. In the same day....I found out I was pregnant!

September 3rd, 2010: I married the most selfless man I have ever met! He's a person who cares deeply and genuinely for others, has put me and others before himself, and has never ONCE made me feel inferior! Reginald Patrick da man!!!! (Oh yeah...and I love you like there's no tomorrow)

October 16th, 2010: First Doctor's appointment to check on "Sprout". Heard the heartbeat. This is REAL!

January 22nd, 2011: I turned 29 years old. Wow! Is that it?

March 5th, 2011: Hey! That's today! I have an awesome Husband, a baby on the way in a month, a job, and a blog! Time flies!

There you have it folks! My life in the past year...because I'm insane! Or, I guess some would refer to me as a "Go-Getter". Either way...I'm blessed beyond words. ;)