Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Basket Case

It's been a minute since my last confession...er, um....BLOG!

I never told anybody the story of the day Reggie and I found out we were going to be parents. I will try and keep it short to keep your attention....and mine!

08/09/10: I had just gotten a promotion at work. Reggie claimed I was acting "funny". And not "Funny Ha Ha". He meant "Emotional basket case, words that were irrelevant to conversations FLYING out of my mouth, certifiably funny".

He asked me if it were possible I could be pregnant. I said, "I don't know!" He insisted we go to CVS and get a test. I told him I wasn't wasting my money and if HE wanted me to take one HE had to buy it. (I know how this looks. Read above. Certifiable.)

I came out of our bathroom to wait the suggested 2 minutes for the results. I pranced/skipped in the living room and asked Reggie if he wanted to look at it together (in that mocking, bitchy, it's not positive voice). He said, "Just go get it!" So...I GOT IT ALRIGHT!

After I picked my face up off of the floor, I walked into the living room looking like I saw a ghost. He said, "What? What does it say?!" I handed it to him. "I'm pregnant." He grabbed me and hugged me.

In all of my insanity and thinking unreasonably, (even now) Reggie still hugs me. He still tries REALLY hard to make me feel better. In all of my sobbing, ugly break downs. In all of my lying around the house, looking like death warmed over. In all of my fit throwing, happy one second, crying the next...he still hugs me. Maybe we are both certifiable. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pregnancy Hormones...Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

(Ladies, I am sure you can relate to this post. Fellas, pay close attention.)

In the past 7 months of my pregnancy, I have battled the 3 evils of hormones:

1.  Bad Attitude-The moment when someone says, "You look like you're about to pop!" or "Are you having twins?! Ha ha ha ha!" I want to punch them in the face and say, "Now we both look like we are uncomfortable." I want to smack anybody that makes the comments relating to how I look, how bad it's going to hurt going through labor, the people in the grocery store for being in the middle of the aisle, the people at work that touch my belly, and pretty much anybody that asks (what I consider) a stupid question relating to my pregnancy.

2.Crying without reason-I, personally, have never been a big crier. Not for movies, weddings, and sometimes funerals. In the past 7 months I cried watching commercials, movies, in the car, on the phone, in the shower, at work, going to work, leaving work, talking to Reggie, thinking about Reggie, thinking about work, and thinking about crying. (I could cry typing this...you never know)

3. Exhaustion/Laziness-I have 8 years of fitness experience. I get tired walking from my car to my apartment now. I hobble up the stairs (I used to skip one and sprint), throw all of my junk in the living room floor, kick off my shoes anywhere, change in to PJ's, and sit my Humpty Dumpty self on the couch and ask Reggie to bring me things.

In all of these things, I have tried SO HARD to be the positive, up-beat, and silly person I once was. I laugh at how ridiculous it is to feel any of these 3 things.

I can say this: My husband has been amazingly patient and loving...despite my attempts to cry, kick, and scream my way back to Dr. Jekyll, from Mr. Hyde.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's "THE WORST DAY EVER!"

To fill you all in, I have never been the "girly" type who likes pink roses and frilly little things. I have always sort of been into more powerful things. For an example: I climbed trees and played with a machete in the woods while some girls wanted to play with Barbies and dress-up. I'm not saying I never did those things as well...I'm just saying I enjoyed being outside, getting dirty, and conquering things more!

With today being Valentine's Day, I have noticed several ladies have posted on their Facebook how it was the "WORST Valentine's Day EVER!" Really? The worst? What if we took the Holiday out of the equation. Would it be just another bad day? Would it be the "Worst Day EVER"?

I guess I am asking these ladies to take a look at your expectations. What were you expecting from this day? Flowers? Candy? A man to miraculously ride in on a white horse and sweep you off of your feet at work, then make out with you while rose pedals fell all around you from the sky? PFFFFFFFFFT!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! (ehem)

Get real, Ladies! I think most women set themselves up for disappointment. If your significant other makes an effort everyday (not just one out of the year) to show you they love you, appreciate them!

Reggie and I were standing in the grocery store last night. I made a comment about the other flowers labeled "The Love Bouquet" actually stood for "Not Roses". We laughed. Then he asked me if I wanted flowers or candy for Valentine's Day. I told him "No! Don't waste your money on flowers that wilt in a week or two, or candy, or crap that collects dust." (And NO there was no women's code of saying one thing and meaning another. It was the truth.) When we got home, he dropped me off at the door, carried all of the groceries up the stairs, put them away, and not to mention did the laundry earlier. I can honestly say I know how much he loves me. Everyday... Not just one.

There. That was my mushy, girly moment of me loving my Husband and every effort he makes to show me affection through actions...not a Hallmark card!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Idiots Guide to Being Funny

Chapter One: "Seriously?!"

1. Don't take yourself too seriously. Chances are, nobody else is. :)

Below is a picture of me at work. I am sporting a baby bump, scrubs, and a handmade mask bikini! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

To get you started...Don't get ME started!

So, some of you may know I am expecting! Yay! Baby boy (Preston) is due in a couple of months. My entire person hurts and my job makes it LESS enjoyable to weigh 30 extra LBS.
That aside, I am pretty scared! This is my first pregnancy and I am having him in the same hospital in which I am currently employed. I'm not scared of the pain or the fact that my business will be on display. I am afraid of the fact that I get nurses (and sometimes Doctors) asking ME what some of our supplies and equipment do! I DON'T KNOW!!
Look, I can let go of the fact that 80% of the people I talk to on the phone can't speak English. I can even let go of the fact that 90% of the paper requisitions for supplies I get off of the fax machine are misspelled or MADE UP names for items. But, I just can't let go of the fact they are asking ME what a piece of medical equipment or item is for and how it works!!!!

(Here are just 2 examples of the things I see coming off of the fax machine.)