Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's "THE WORST DAY EVER!"

To fill you all in, I have never been the "girly" type who likes pink roses and frilly little things. I have always sort of been into more powerful things. For an example: I climbed trees and played with a machete in the woods while some girls wanted to play with Barbies and dress-up. I'm not saying I never did those things as well...I'm just saying I enjoyed being outside, getting dirty, and conquering things more!

With today being Valentine's Day, I have noticed several ladies have posted on their Facebook how it was the "WORST Valentine's Day EVER!" Really? The worst? What if we took the Holiday out of the equation. Would it be just another bad day? Would it be the "Worst Day EVER"?

I guess I am asking these ladies to take a look at your expectations. What were you expecting from this day? Flowers? Candy? A man to miraculously ride in on a white horse and sweep you off of your feet at work, then make out with you while rose pedals fell all around you from the sky? PFFFFFFFFFT!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! (ehem)

Get real, Ladies! I think most women set themselves up for disappointment. If your significant other makes an effort everyday (not just one out of the year) to show you they love you, appreciate them!

Reggie and I were standing in the grocery store last night. I made a comment about the other flowers labeled "The Love Bouquet" actually stood for "Not Roses". We laughed. Then he asked me if I wanted flowers or candy for Valentine's Day. I told him "No! Don't waste your money on flowers that wilt in a week or two, or candy, or crap that collects dust." (And NO there was no women's code of saying one thing and meaning another. It was the truth.) When we got home, he dropped me off at the door, carried all of the groceries up the stairs, put them away, and not to mention did the laundry earlier. I can honestly say I know how much he loves me. Everyday... Not just one.

There. That was my mushy, girly moment of me loving my Husband and every effort he makes to show me affection through actions...not a Hallmark card!


  1. And thats how I see things love is not a day its daily !

  2. The card I picked for my husband said just that, thanks for the laundry & dishes it means more than roses!lol Funny to see that.
    Ps heres mine!