Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pregnancy Hormones...Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

(Ladies, I am sure you can relate to this post. Fellas, pay close attention.)

In the past 7 months of my pregnancy, I have battled the 3 evils of hormones:

1.  Bad Attitude-The moment when someone says, "You look like you're about to pop!" or "Are you having twins?! Ha ha ha ha!" I want to punch them in the face and say, "Now we both look like we are uncomfortable." I want to smack anybody that makes the comments relating to how I look, how bad it's going to hurt going through labor, the people in the grocery store for being in the middle of the aisle, the people at work that touch my belly, and pretty much anybody that asks (what I consider) a stupid question relating to my pregnancy.

2.Crying without reason-I, personally, have never been a big crier. Not for movies, weddings, and sometimes funerals. In the past 7 months I cried watching commercials, movies, in the car, on the phone, in the shower, at work, going to work, leaving work, talking to Reggie, thinking about Reggie, thinking about work, and thinking about crying. (I could cry typing never know)

3. Exhaustion/Laziness-I have 8 years of fitness experience. I get tired walking from my car to my apartment now. I hobble up the stairs (I used to skip one and sprint), throw all of my junk in the living room floor, kick off my shoes anywhere, change in to PJ's, and sit my Humpty Dumpty self on the couch and ask Reggie to bring me things.

In all of these things, I have tried SO HARD to be the positive, up-beat, and silly person I once was. I laugh at how ridiculous it is to feel any of these 3 things.

I can say this: My husband has been amazingly patient and loving...despite my attempts to cry, kick, and scream my way back to Dr. Jekyll, from Mr. Hyde.

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  1. LoL ok I'll wait until the day your lil one makes your tummy big enough to where you are WADDLING before I make any comments...just to be on the safe side. It's ok, no one will mess with a crying woman =) Let's get back into shape together when you are done with your pregnancy! hehe.. just a thought