Monday, April 18, 2011

1st Experience...Not So Great.

So...3 weeks ago, I gave birth to a combination of my husband and myself. It begins like this:

Monday March 28th-My first day of Maternity Leave from work! I went to the Doctor at 10am. She tells me I am dilated to 1cm and she guesses I will go into labor by Friday. WRONG, WOMAN! WRONG!!!!
I get home. My contractions were strong. By water breaks.

Reggie had a "gut feeling" to come home early from school and be with me. Good thing he is amazing and knew I was being nonchalant about it when it was serious.

He rushes me to UCLA, where I not only WORK, but was delivering this kid. (Don't judge was convenient.) The first thing that goes "wrong" is, the first IV blew. I had fluid pumping under the skin and not the vein. So, they stuck the other arm. okay.

Time for an epidural. LAWD HAVE MERCY ON MY SPINE!!!!! (Ooooh...I cant feel anything below the waist. I love you. I love all of you.)
Something is amiss. I can feel my right side. KILL ME....I CAN FEEL MY RIGHT SIDE!

4 hours of pushing, with HALF of an epidural, little man decides he doesn't want to make a debut. Great.

Tuesday March 29th: Dr. Obvious comes in and asks me if I'd like to have a C-Section. Uh....DUH!!!! After feeling like the girl having her lower extremities eaten on the movie Jaws, and being tossed around on the table, by 10:06am, Preston was here. I was able to kiss his cheek before they rushed my non-crying baby to NICU.

Still able to semi-feel my right side, they put my guts back in. I am assuming just anywhere in there. I wonder if these people have ever played the game Operation? If so...THEY ALL LOST! I was asked a question by the anesthesiologist. I told him I was sleeping and didn't hear his question. He laughed...I think.

Guys, appreciate the mother of your children. Also, tell your OWN mom how much you appreciate her. Just sayin'

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