Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beerpong is SO Undergrad!

So, I have had this rant saved up for the time to type it out. This is my blog and I can rant if I want to! (Not in the "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" sort of way.)

As you all know, Reggie is about to graduate in May with his Masters and move on to pursue his PhD. I am so proud of him for his accomplishments in music. It is cocktail of talent, hard work, lots of practice, and mostly dedication. I am SO attracted to him for it! I'm not a college graduate. But, I can guarantee I partied on campus with the best of them back in the day! (Yeah...I'm almost 30)

The college kids annoy me. Not all of them...just most. There might be a handful of kids he goes to school with that I can actually have a conversation with and not want to shake their bobble heads until they "Get it".

Life is SO much more than being stressed out about that 20 page paper, or "OMG what AM I going to wear to that keg party Friday night?!" There is a HUGE world out there. A working world. If you have been in school from 5 to 30 years old, have never had to work a day in your life because you A.) Owe $200,000.00 in student loans. Or, B.) Live off of Mommy and Daddy...the rude awakening (also known as "life") WILL kick your ass and hand it to you.

Forgive me if we don't have anything in common. Forgive me if I choose to be an adult with responsibilities, a husband, and baby. There is a reason for growing up. It's because life doesn't care if your teachers like you.(I don't really care if YOU like ME!) Life doesn't care if you have more money than that other kid. Life WILL go on...with or without you. Live it!


  1. Great post Alicia! Couldn't agree more being immersed in an environment that constantly reminds me of this by those I interact with. My only hesitation was the mention of those with loans and not working a day in their life. I know you probably meant more those people who take out loans so they don't have to work while in school, but at first glance I was a bit taken aback. I have my fair share of loans out but have done everything from waitressing, being a secretary, babysitting and other odd jobs on top of teaching, gigging etc. to pay the bills but still have to take out loans to make ends meet and not relay on my parents.

    Other than that amen sister! I can't tell you how many graduate (stressing grad here) students I get to know whose parents are still covering rent, food, etc. My parents would just laugh at me if I even asked unless I was practically starving and literally had exhausted all options of making $$. Or even many people I've met who have never traveled further than one coast of the country. The world is scary, but full of opportunities if you just take a chance to keep trying. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Not at all, honey! We will also owe a ton of money in student loans! I was referring to those who have never had that waitressing job or those gigs to cover some costs. There is NO way I would downplay any job! I'm more referring to the naevity of those who don't look beyond the blinders of an institution. It seems like professors want students to believe there isn't a life outside college.